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Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyers

Nothing can derail your life like an unexpected injury. If you’ve been injured in Pennsylvania‚ speak with a personal injury lawyer about recovering your losses.

In addition to financial costs associated with medical bills‚ loss of wages‚ and property damage‚ you may also bear the emotional cost of pain and suffering and changes to your lifestyle. If you’ve recently been injured in Pennsylvania‚ and believe your injury is the result of someone else’s negligence‚ let Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys Console & Hollawell protect your legal rights while you focus on getting better. Since 1994‚ our honest yet aggressive representation has earned tens of millions of dollars in compensation for over 4‚000 satisfied clients.

Causes of Personal Injury

Aside from being unexpected and costly‚ personal injury cases share few things in common. As a matter of fact‚ they are as unique as the individuals and families they involve. However‚ there are some common causes of injury‚ including motor vehicle accidents‚ slips and falls‚ dog bites‚ medical malpractice‚ workplace hazards‚ and defective products. Ask a personal injury attorney if your situation falls under the category of personal injury.

In many situations involving personal injury‚ the victim did nothing but be at the wrong place at the wrong time. In many cases someone else was distinctly at fault for the person’s injury‚ yet the victim is the one who must live with the consequences. While there is no way to turn back the clock—we wish there were—the right compensation can help victims to move forward with their lives. If you think someone else was at fault for your injury‚ a Pennsylvania personal injury attorney can help.

Victims of injuries have the right to receive compensation when someone else is at fault. Yet many victims fail to get the compensation that is right for their families because they don’t know their rights‚ or don’t know how the legal process works. An experienced Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer can educate you‚ and can walk you through the legal process.

Don’t fall into the trap of negotiating with the insurance company yourself. Instead‚ hire highly experienced PA personal injury attorneys like Console & Hollawell to help you navigate and protect your rights.

Look through our resource guide below for more information about the city where your accident occurred.

Personal Injury Resources Guide

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