Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

There’s nothing more enjoyable to a motorcycle enthusiast than climbing aboard a bike and taking to the open road‚ until an accident ruins the fun. There are approximately 50‚000 motorcycle accidents every year in the United States‚ and according to information released by the Governors Highway Safety Association‚ there were 4‚376 motorcycle fatalities in 2010. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident in Pennsylvania‚ contact a motorcycle accident attorney in PA to receive your rightful compensation.

Motorcyclists have the reputation of being a renegade group‚ and people erroneously attribute motorcycle accidents and injuries to irresponsible driving‚ failure to follow the rules of the road‚ and drinking and driving. In fact‚ it may surprise you to learn that 75% of all motorcycle accidents that involve another vehicle are the fault of the driver in the other vehicle‚ mostly as a result of failing to see the motorcycle while making a left-hand turn.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a motorcycle accident in Pennsylvania‚ you should contact an experienced‚ aggressive Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer immediately. At Console & Hollawell‚ we have been successfully handling motorcycle claims since 1994‚ have extensive knowledge in the area of motorcycle accidents‚ and have successfully represented clients in similar cases.

Motorcycle Safety

It’s up to both motorcyclists and drivers of other vehicles to reduce motorcycle accidents. Motorcycle drivers can contribute to motorcycle safety by:

  • Taking a motorcycle safety course.
  • Wearing appropriate safety gear.
  • Being aware of the cars around them.
  • Following traffic rules.
  • Not drinking and driving.

Drivers of other vehicles can contribute to motorcycle safety by:

  • Being aware of motorcycles‚ and giving them the right of way.
  • Adhering to the rules of the road.
  • Turning off cell phones‚ and minimizing other distractions while driving.
  • Checking for motorcycles when making left-hand turns.

To learn more about motorcycle safety and laws in Pennsylvania‚ talk to a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident attorney at Console & Hollawell today. We can determine who was at fault for your accident‚ and can ensure that responsible parties are held accountable.

Despite safety precautions‚ accidents happen. At Console & Hollawell‚ our team of Pennsylvania motorcycle accident attorneys wants to ensure that justice is served‚ and that victims of motorcycle accidents receive the compensation they deserve in order to move forward with their lives. Contact us today (215) 225-2040 to set up a free consultation.

Look through our resource guide below for more information about the city where your accident occurred.

Pennsylvania Car Accident Resources Guide

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