Lancaster County Car Accident Lawyers

Lancaster County Car Accident Lawyers

Lancaster County‚ like many other areas in Central Pennsylvania‚ is a mix of densely-populated urban areas and rural farmland. The county’s only city‚ also named Lancaster‚ contains the largest portion of the county’s population in its metro area with 494‚486 total residents‚ as of the 2010 U.S. Census. That leaves only 24‚959 residents to sprinkle over Lancaster County’s 984 total square miles.

High-speed highways and cluttered city streets present two stark differences in traffic patterns for Lancaster County. While using local roads for travel within Lancaster’s city destinations makes sense‚ these routes are largely impractical for driving to destinations outside the county’s borders. Even highways in the county lack multiple lanes that could alleviate traffic pressure and lead to safer driving conditions. Residents know all too well that choosing a driving route is a ‘pick your poison’ scenario where the choices involve either significant delays or lanes filled with backed-up vehicles. These conditions can greatly increase the risks for car accidents.

When collisions lead to injuries‚ car accident attorneys in Lancaster County help victims receive the compensation they deserve to pay their medical bills and replace lost wages.

Major Routes in Lancaster County

  • Interstate 76 (Pennsylvania Turnpike)
  • U.S. Route 222 (Robert Fulton Highway)
  • U.S. Route 30 (Lincoln Highway)
  • State Route 72 (Lebanon Road)
  • State Route 501 (Furnace Hills Pike)
  • State Route 272 (Oregon/Lancaster Pike)
  • State Route 340 (Old Philadelphia Pike)

The directions of highways in Lancaster County give drivers few options when wanting to reach the Harrisburg area to the west‚ Philadelphia to the east‚ or the state’s northern counties. The result is higher volumes on a limited number of roads‚ which can lead to higher accident rates.

Traffic Accidents in Lancaster County

In 2010‚ Lancaster County ranked third out of 67 counties in Pennsylvania for the most traffic-related deaths in the state – not a bronze medal the county was anxious to win. The county also ranked fifth for the total number of traffic accidents occurring within its borders for the same year. In total‚ 5‚057 accidents occurred resulting in the deaths of 65 people. Of the total accidents in Lancaster County for 2010‚ 2‚643 resulted in non-fatal injuries. Car accident lawyers in Lancaster County urge more careful driving practices to limit serious injuries and fatalities from auto collisions.

Pennsylvania Dutch Country

Lancaster County has long been a traditional home for the Amish who have centuries-old farms scattered throughout the area. Many Amish families still drive hand-built carriages driven by single horses‚ which can back up traffic to no end. While these buggies usually have orange yield signs posted on them to make drivers aware of their presence‚ some vehicles choose not to heed these warnings.

In February 2012‚ police in Lancaster County searched for a driver who fled the scene of an accident involving an Amish horse and buggy. The vehicle rear-ended the buggy‚ which was carrying five Amish teenagers‚ injuring everyone on board. The Amish maintain a rudimentary kind of liability insurance to pay for accidents‚ with every of-age member of the community contributing each year to a fund. Money from this fund collects interest and serves to protect the community’s assets‚ including horse teams and buggies. In a way‚ it’s some of the most honest insurance coverage available.

All Amish buggies have orange ‘yield’ signs on the backs to warn oncoming drivers. Tourists to the area may not recognize these vehicles and crash into them.  Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Trusted Lancaster County Car Accident Attorneys

Finding a law firm you trust is just as important as defending your rights in an accident. The relationship you build with your legal team carries through the entire personal injury claim‚ and may last beyond your settlement as you continue to receive medical treatment. At Console & Hollawell‚ our team of accident lawyers in Lancaster County has been serving accident victims in Pennsylvania for more than 17 years. We practice dedicated‚ passionate service to win you the compensation you deserve for your injuries and other financial losses. For a free consultation‚ call us today at (215) 225-2040.

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