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Slip and Fall Injuries

When you slipped and fell, every aspect of your life changed in an instant. Your ability to move, to enjoy life pain-free, to provide for your family, and to even take basic care of yourself can all vanish with no warning. Your injuries are serious, and they could have been avoided if only someone else had been more careful.

If your slip and fall happened because a floor was unexpectedly wet, a walkway was uneven or a parking lot or stairway held patches of ice, there may be a clear cause for your injuries: someone else’s negligence. In New Jersey, property owners have legal obligation to maintain the kind of safe environment that prevents slip and falls. The property owner’s failure to maintain safety on the premises led to your injuries – and now you should hold that company accountable. Call the New Jersey slip and fall lawyers at Console & Hollawell today at (856) 778-5500. We’ve handled big slip and fall claims before, and we have the experience to make your case a success.

Slip and Fall Injury - New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyers Console & Hollawell

Most safety hazards that cause slip and falls are a lot less obvious than the clichéd banana peel – which is why people get hurt even when they’re not doing anything wrong. Photo Credit: Corbis Images.

Pursuing a Slip and Fall Claim

Don’t let the prospect of pursuing a personal injury claim intimidate you. Your most important responsibility in such a claim is simply to work toward recovery. Go to your doctor appointments. Follow your physician’s recommendations. Get the rest your body needs. Let us handle everything else.

Think of a personal injury claim as a call for the money to reimburse you for what you have gone through as a result of your injuries, including medical bills, repayment for wages you have missed out on, and the pain and suffering you have experienced. The process begins when you select a slip and fall lawyer to compile the evidence and show how medically severe the injuries are. The lawyer you choose should have the dedication to fight for you and the experience to know the value of your claim.

Determining and proving liability in some slip and falls can be complicated, but it’s far from impossible for a knowledgeable attorney. At Console & Hollawell, we’ve helped thousands of clients get the compensation they deserve. Our New Jersey slip and fall lawyers have won numerous six-figure settlements for people injured in slip and falls. The compensation they received has helped them get the care they need, make the most of their recovery, and truly get on with their lives.

Your Claim Matters – and So Does Your Choice of Attorneys

Whether your injury occurred indoors or out, whether it happened at a private residence or on a commercial property, it’s essential that you recover every penny of compensation you deserve. The only way to really be sure that you’re not leaving money on the table – money your family needs to get through this difficult time – is by choosing New Jersey slip and fall lawyers with experience handling these types of claims, who respect the severity of your injuries and are willing to fight for you. With 20 years of experience and a well-deserved reputation throughout New Jersey for putting our clients first, Console & Hollawell has every credential you could want in a personal injury law firm.

We believe in helping people when they need it most, so you can count on us to be there for your family every step of the way. Call us today at (856) 778-5500. The consultation is free, and we’ll answer every question you have.

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