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Products Liability Lawyers in New Jersey

Manufacturers and vendors have a responsibility to ensure that the products they make and distribute to the public are safe‚ and do not cause harm to the individuals who use them. If you’ve been injured by a product‚ protect your rights by contacting a New Jersey products liability attorney.

The adage caveat emptor‚ or “buyer beware‚” does not apply to dangerous‚ defective‚ or misrepresented products that cause injuries. A manufacturer is responsible for making products as safe as possible‚ and if potential dangers exist‚ for warning users. If you or someone in your family has recently been injured by a product‚ set up a free consultation with our New Jersey products liability attorneys to determine if you have a New Jersey products liability case. With 17 years of experience‚ extensive resources‚ and a desire to see that justice is served‚ our New Jersey products liability lawyers will help you get the best results possible.

Responsibilities of Manufacturers and Vendors

A manufacturer who shows lack of reasonable care in the design‚ assembly‚ or production of a product is guilty of negligence. To put it more simply‚ this means the manufacturer did something that shouldn’t have been done‚ or failed to do something that should have been done. For example‚ the design of a baby product does not adhere to safety standards‚ and results in injuries. Or‚ an employee on the assembly line fails to correctly assemble an automobile airbag‚ and an injury occurs. A New Jersey products liability lawyer can determine if a manufacturer is at fault for your injury.

Breach of warranty and misrepresentation are two other types of product liability theories. Breach of warranty refers to the product’s inability to stand up to a promise or claim made by the manufacturer concerning its quality or type‚ while misrepresentation occurs when advertising or sales efforts give consumers a false sense of security about a product‚ usually by ignoring‚ or drawing the consumer’s attention away from‚ the product’s dangers. To learn more about products liability law‚ contact a New Jersey products liability attorney.

Cause of Injuries

When it comes to determining and proving the cause of injuries‚ product liability cases can become confusing. In order to file a products liability claim‚ you must prove first that the product was defective when it left the manufacturer or seller‚ that you did not cause the defect‚ and finally‚ that the defect was the cause of the injury. New Jersey products liability attorneys Console & Hollawell has 17 years of successfully prosecuting product liability claims‚ and understands their complexities. Contact our offices today at (856) 778-5500‚ we are ready to get started on your case immediately.

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