$975,000 for Brain Injuries in Crash
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$975,000 for Brain Injuries in Crash

By Richard Console on June 19, 2006

Source: New Jersey Law Journal

On June 1, 2005, a Bedminster woman agreed on a settlement of $975,000 for brain injuries sustained from a head-on collison. On April 30, 1998, on Route 206 in Chester, an oncoming vehicle crossed the center line and hit Gail Osborne’s car. An emergency room x-ray after the incident showed no head injuries. But a week later, Osborne reported a loss of concentration and balance and was diagnosed with a mild brain injury that hampers her vision.

Osborne has been unable to return to her job as a regional sales manager for a pet supply company. The other driver said a tie rod that broke loose from her car and was found at the scene caused a steering malfunction.
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