5 Tips to Make Your Office Safer
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5 Tips to Make Your Office Safer

By Richard Console on February 6, 2012

For many Americans, the workplace is like a second home. You spend many hours each week there and that makes it a common place for injury. No one wants to get hurt at work, accidents do happen even in low-hazard jobs. Professional offices can have many dangers that could cause serious injury.

The following tips are not only easy to follow but will make your office a safer place to be. By taking these simple steps you can drastically reduce the chance of an unnecessary and avoidable accident.

Arranging Furniture

When it comes to the placement of desks and other furniture in your office you should consider a few things. First of all try to place furniture against a wall or patrician to keep walkways clear. Also be sure to keep bags and other products off of the floor to avoid someone tripping over them. There should be plenty of space for people to move with ease throughout the office.

Opening Cabinets and Desks

When you are going to open a file cabinet or desk drawer be sure that there is enough space to do so to avoid hitting someone. Also make sure you close the drawers when you are done with them to avoid someone running into them and getting hurt.

Office Flooring

Flooring in an office needs to allow employees to move about without tripping or slipping. If choosing a hard wood or laminate floor try to pick one that is slip resistant, with good traction. If you are going to have an area rug make sure there is padding on the bottom to prevent the carpet from moving. Carpets should be well maintained and free of tears or flaps that someone could trip on.


In many offices one can expect to spend a good portion of their day sitting down. It is important to have chairs will adequate support to avoid harm to your neck and back. Also people tend to tip or rock their chairs when they are sitting and having the proper chair can reduce the possibility that they will fall. So, when possible you should get chairs that are more than 4-legged as they will be sturdier and less likely to tip or break.

Fixing Machinery

Every office has the same problem the fax machine or printer constantly breaking. Instead of allowing employees to try their hands at fixing it, call in a professional to address the problem. Yes, it can be aggravating to have to wait to have the machinery fixed, but it is much better than having someone injure themselves trying to fix unfamiliar machines.

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