5 Best iPhone Apps for Lawyers, Law Students, and Others Interested in the Law
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5 Best iPhone Apps for Lawyers, Law Students, and Others Interested in the Law

By Richard Console on October 25, 2011

On Friday, October 7, Apple introduced the iPhone 4S to the world, the latest generation of what some say is the world’s most popular Smartphone. As expected, the 4S is packed with lots of great new features, including video chat on 3g and 4g; an 8MP camera with new optics that allows users to also shoot 1080p HD video; face recognition security; iMessage, which allows for chatting between Apple devices instead of texting; iCloud, which allows for wireless sync with iTunes and other devices; and Siri, an amazing system that allows you to send messages, place phone calls, schedule meetings, check the weather, find restaurants in the area, and more—just by using your voice.

“There’s An App for That”

As iPhone use grows so do the number of apps available. While the most popular apps continue to be social, fitness, travel, gaming, and entertainment apps, those related to particular professions or businesses—apps designed to make work more efficient—are also gaining in popularity. Following are five great iPhone apps for lawyers, law students, and others interested in the law.

  1. Black’s Law Dictionary – Confusing a priori with a fortiori? Black’s Law Dictionary contains more than 43,000 legal terms of interest to lawyers, law students, those involved in a lawsuit, or anyone else interested in the law.
  2. Law Stack – Ideal for both lawyers and law students, this app is a comprehensive library that includes just about every legal topic imaginable. Find any topic you want for your case, project, hearing, or appeal.
  3. Law in a Flash – This app comes in several topics, depending upon your area of interest, including civil procedure, torts, and criminal law. These virtual “flash cards” include definitions, theory questions, and hypothetical legal situations. The app allows you to make notes on the cards and bookmark them.
  4. Court Days – Date Calculator for Lawyers. Think the paper date wheel is a little archaic? This app allows lawyers, paralegals, legal secretaries, and other legal professionals to efficiently and accurately calculate court dates and deadlines. Calculate the number of court days, weekdays, or calendar days between two dates by picking a jurisdiction from the application’s database, or provide your own custom court holidays if your jurisdiction isn’t included in the database. The app also allows you to email the results of your date calculations.
  5. iPunch Clock – This handy little app can help just about anyone, and is highly recommended for lawyers and other in the legal profession who need to keep track of day-to-day activities, meetings, and court dates.

As the iPhone increasingly becomes the “go-to” instrument of busy lawyers and law students everywhere, expect to see more and more law-related apps to crop up. Hopefully one that picks the perfect jury, or develops compelling closing statements, is in the works!

Rick Console is a New Jersey personal injury attorney who has been protecting and representing the rights of injury victims for 15 years. In addition to representing those injured in motor vehicle accidents, he has successfully handled thousands of cases related to slips and falls, premise liability, worksite injuries, homeowner’s claims, dog bites, and medical malpractice. Console is licensed to practice in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and has offices in both Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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