10 of the World’s Most Dangerous Roads
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10 of the World’s Most Dangerous Roads

By Richard Console on January 20, 2012

Have you ever driven down a tight, winding road that made you so nervous you were afraid for your life? Well, if you haven’t traveled on these roads you may think you have seen terrifying, but you haven’t seen anything. The following roads are some of the world’s most dangerous, and terrifying roads, as chosen by Forbes and TopTenz.

These roads have all sorts of dangers from sharp turns on high cliffs to no speed restrictions or markings to terrorist attacks. Some hear of these roads and think of them as a challenge or something to put on their bucket lists, but these roads kill hundreds of people every year.

1. North Yuhgas Road – Bolivia

Deemed the world’s most dangerous road by the Inter-American Development Bank, this road is nicknamed El Camino de la Muerte, or Road of Death. According to the BBC, it is estimated that anywhere between 200 and 300 people are killed on this road annually. As one drives along this highway they will see crosses marking the places where vehicles have fallen off the road. Although the road rides along steep cliffs there are no guardrails. Those who travel the road have many rituals that they hope will spare them from the horrible fate so many travelers have met on this road. The road not only is along steep cliffs, there is also decreased oxygen (because it is 3 miles above sea level), waterfalls, and it is used as a two-lane highway though even one vehicle is a tight fit. This motorway has become a destination for avid cyclists who wish to take on the Road of Death since it is downhill the entire way.

2. Luxor-al-Hurghada Road – Egypt

The scary part about this road is not the surface itself but the drivers. There are constantly attacks from bandits and terrorists. The road runs from Luxor to Hurghada which is a major tourist spot. It is said these frequent attacks are meant to diminish the tourism industry. It is nearly impossible—or at least unwise—to travel this road at night because many drivers do not use headlights out of fear of attracting the attacks. Those who do drive the road are aware of how dangerous it is resulting in frantically nervous motorists.

3. Sichuan-Tibet Highway – China

While this highway boasts some of the most beautiful sights in the East it is no safer for that. The road crosses about 1,500 miles of land between Chengdu, China and Tibet. Since it cuts through the Que’er Mountain pass the road is at the mercy of landslides, falling rocks, and inclement weather that can leave the road impassable for upwards of a month. There is also the concern of altitude sickness because the highest point of the road is 20,000 feet. In the winter months, expect avalanches.

4. Skippers Road – New Zealand

This road is so dangerous that rental companies will not allow tourists to take their vehicles onto it. The motorway runs for just over 16 miles along the ridges of Skippers Canyon. There are no guardrails and there is no room for vehicles to pass one another. The road was carved right into the Canyon, which took over 20 years, so it is no wonder that the road is so narrow. For the thrill seekers who dare to pass it is suggested that you hire a tour guide with experience driving this treacherous road.

5. Nairobi-Nakuru-Eldoret Highway – Kenya

There are no cliffs, no sharp turns, and the pavement is fine, so why are more than 300 people killed on this road each year? For the same reasons most people die while driving, reckless driving. No matter how many warning signs or news reports about the dangers of speeding there are, people just disregard them. There are also serious problems with aggressive passing and drunk driving all adding up to one of the most dangerous places to drive.

6. Pan American Highway – Costa Rica

The Pan American Highway is the world’s “largest motorable road,” or so says the Guinness Book of World Records. However the part of the road that runs from San Isidro de General to Cartago in Costa Rica is extremely treacherous. Between the heavy fog and the poor condition of the pavement itself plus extremely aggressive local drivers, this road is truly terrifying. There is now an alternate road, so drivers do not have to take on Cerro de la Muerte, or Mountain of Death as the passage is called.

7. Halsema Highway – Philippines

Just like many of the roads on this list, Halsema Highway is full of twists, turns, steep cliffs, fog, and landslides. There have been many times that falling rocks or landslides have left motorists stranded for lengthy periods. The locals also report that bus drivers have no regard for the rules of the road, making it even more hazardous for other drivers.

8. BR-116 – Brazil

One section of this highway is commonly referred to as Rodovia da Morte, Highway of Death. As expected, the road does run along some steep cliffs, and accidents are extremely common. There are very high fatality rates in these accidents as well. BR-116 is the second longest road in Brazil.

9. Grand Trunk Road – India to Afghanistan

The various types of travelers on this road contribute to the dangers of this road, with cars, busses, animals, bicycles, pedestrians, and carts there is no wonder. There are no cliffs or dangerous bends but there are tons of people! The congestion of this road really is the most dangerous thing about it.

10. A44 – United Kingdom (Whales)

Perhaps you wouldn’t expect to find a road in Whales on this list, but the number of fatalities and severe injuries proves that A44 deserves its spot. The government has stepped in with speed surveillance to try and promote safe driving. Forbes reported that 25 percent of the crashes are head-on collisions.

These roads are terrifying and fascinating at the same time. It may seem thrilling, but it is not encouraged to attempt to travel these roads unless you absolutely have to because if you do you may be putting your life in danger. If you have been injured in a car accident contact a car accident attorney in New Jersey today.

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